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Deep Demonstrations, LOOP-Ports and Cicerone.

Deep Demonstrations

In 2019, EIT Climate-KIC launched eight ‘Deep Demonstration’, projects which deal with multiple social challenges in an integrated and holistic way by means of the creation of test stands that allow us to reach the ambitious transitions of consistent systems of 1,5°C requested by the IPCC. One of these Deep Demonstrations named ‘Net-Zero-Emission, Resilient Maritime Hubs’ pursues the transformation of maritime hubs into resilient and net zero emission.

The Port of Valencia leads this programme to demonstrate that even the largest Mediterranean port, can achieve zero net emissions in 2030 by drafting a comprehensive action plan, investing in innovation along with the EIT Climate-KIC community, introducing projects and encouraging in order to change the corporate behaviours.

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The main aim of the LOOP-Ports protect is to facilitate the transition towards a more circular economy in the port sector, where the goods, materials and resources stay in the economy during the longest time possible and decrease waste generation. 

This project will contribute to make the European economy transition towards closed loop systems by the creation of a circular economy network of ports that will provide an ecosystem of innovation around the port activity and will encourage initiatives of circular economy in ports. The network will focus on materials of high emission, mainly metals, plastics, cement & biomaterials.

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Cicerone is the European Platform for Circular Economy within the scope of the H2020 CICERONE project that is led by EIT Climate-KIC Spain, with its partner network and an important representation of the main Spanish agents involved in the sustainability and the new concept of circular economy.

CICERONE, gathers different agents, research organisations and other interested parties to create a platform for an efficient programming of Circular Economy.

CICERONE, whose acronym is CIrCular Economy platfoRm for eurOpeaN priorities strategic agEnda, expects to lay out a coordinated approach in order to finance and encourage the research and innovation of the circular economy. The partners come from 13 different European countries, international and European organisations and even from Taiwan.

The CICERONE project pursues three High Level Objectives ‘HLO’.

  1. Assessing and comparing the current performance of the European funding in Research & Development.
  2. Establishing an efficient and inclusive mechanism to define and prioritise jointly the priorities of the European Commission in terms of research and development on the scale of European union.
  3. Establishing an organisation to be check with the aim of establishing long-lasting procedures or a suitable roadmap in order to reach the desired impact.

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Centro de Excelencia en Innovación y Emprendimiento en Cambio Climático para el Sector Marítimo Portuario.

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