If you want to be part of the project, apply for your space.

Our facilities have a variety of spaces that will be made available to users for co-creation, design and project ideation sessions.If you would like to reserve any of our spaces, please send us an e-mail to superlabports@fundacion.valenciaport.com.If you would like to stay in our co-working area, please click here.

Discover our spaces:

Multipurpose hall

This is a room with a capacity for 50 people with a video-wall (equipped with PC and speakers). All the furniture is movable and transportable, and the space can be adapted as required. In addition to being able to hold ideation events, conferences and bootcamps there, it also serves as a co-working and meeting space, as long as it is not reserved for the aforementioned purposes.

Co-working room

This space, with ample capacity, can be used both as a space to work on the different modalities of permanence and to use it as a room for co-creation, ideation and group work. The room has blackboards, materials and Velleda walls to be used with the tools of System Innovation.

Meeting room

Space with a table for 6-8 people for work and meetings.

Videoconference room

Space located within the Office of Management and Coordination, but with an additional exit to the main corridor. It consists of a meeting table, 10-12 chairs and a videoconferencing system compatible with all software tools.

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